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Payment Callbacks

Whenever a payment is executed by DPDzero, you can receive the payment information in real time by setting payment callbacks from within Settings


The header will be sent as X-DPDZERO-KEY and you can use this to validate the response.

The following data will be pushed to the API specified.

  "id": "10427",
  "short_id": "LVQppjFsxnM",
  "installment_id": "51",
  "status": "COLLECTED",
  "pg_payment_id": "860846570310993154",
  "pg_provider": "Setu",
  "amount_paid": "1",
  "transaction_id": "208878856114",
  "payment_datetime": "2022-03-29T04:40:09.393000",
  "settlement_number": null,
  "settlement_datetime": null,
  "loan_number": "10001",
  "customer_name": "ranjith",
  "amount_pending": "1",
  "due_date": "2022-04-30",
  "campaign_id": null,
  "customer_mobile_number": "9481773053",
  "template_id": "default",
  "expiry_date": "2022-04-12",
  "payment_exactness": "EXACT",
  "channel": "SMS",
  "communication_operator_status": null,
  "communication_operator_message_id": null

In response, send us a 200 OKAY response.