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Security policy
Last updated: July 2023


At DPDzero, our mission is to revolutionize the experience for borrowers by collaborating with both top-tier national lenders and regional establishments, positively influencing millions of borrowers throughout their journey.

A fundamental cornerstone of this mission is our unwavering commitment to Information Security. We recognize its significance not only for our internal operations but, more importantly, for all our stakeholders, from employees to lenders and borrowers.

Our Commitments:

Every individual associated with DPDzero, whether an employee, contractor, or consultant, is obligated to adhere to these information security guidelines.

Though our dedicated Information Security Department oversees the majority of DPDzero’s security initiatives, we firmly believe that security is a collective responsibility. Everyone, from senior management to the newest recruit, plays a pivotal role, and we advocate for holistic participation.

To support our security vision, we pledge to allocate sufficient and relevant resources. Our objective is to foster a workplace where security consciousness is the norm, where every team member is aware of their role, and where best practices are the standard, not the exception.

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, security is not just an add-on; it’s a business imperative.

We are continuously striving to elevate DPDzero’s security stance, with a vision of attaining a zero-incident track record and ensuring unwavering adherence to our security policies. With the collaboration of the Information Security Department and the commitment of every DPDzero member, we believe we can achieve this ambitious goal.

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